Thursday, July 10, 2008

I Was Bored......

So I made a video lol!
Hi Guys, Hope your well. I couldn't sleep the other night and there was not even a good movie on telly(usually there's an old black and white one on channel 2)so I thought I'll do something totally different and make a video!
It was fun to make, it took over 20 minutes but I double speed it in windows movie maker and if only you could do this in real life, just think of all the things you could get up to lol!
Thanks for watching, Take Care Hugs,
~Kylie~ XX

PS:You can also use your corner rounder the round the 2 corners on the flap and you can also use Stampin' Up's! Designer Series Paper, when you use the DSP the card pouch looks amazing with the matching cards inside! Of course you can embellish the flap with ribbon, punched out stamped shapes, brads etc, now they do look stunning if you do it this way lol! Thanks for stopping by! ~Kylie~


  1. Kylie, I hope you are really proud of yourself! That is fantastic. Your cards are just beautiful.

  2. your video was great!! I am just getting into videos myself so I know it can be tough -but yours was AWESOME! I really enjoyed it :)

  3. gorgeous cards!! love the colours

  4. WOW Kylie I really enjoyed that!! Fantastic Idea! Just gotta find those 6x6 page protector thingys!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thank you for that nice video! I enjoyed it.


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