Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Oh My.......

It's been one of those days when everything goes wrong. My craft projects that I have been working on have not turned our right. I was making a birthday book and I punched the holes wrong and the front and back covers don't open up nice and neatly and the punched tabs down the side for the mths of the year were not spaced out correctly. A few weeks ago I brought some clear swirls stamps and I wanted to use it and when I took them out the packet the side you ink up was all sticky so I decided to was them in warm soapy water only for the stamps to become more sticky, knowing me I've really stuffed them up for good now lol. So I'm going to make my CD calenders now and see if I can stuff them up too lol! Hope your week is going great, here in Adelaide it's a taste of summer and I'm wishing it's winter, don't like the heat lol! Have a wonderful week!! Take care and keep smiling ~Kylie~


  1. awwwwwww Kylie - I have days like that too and dont you just wanna cry! lol
    Here's what I recommend you do - put everything away, have a coffee and a nice block of chocolate and try again tomorrow - ALWAYS works a treat for me! lol
    Kylie, can you please email me - I need to ask you something and I couldnt see a link on your blog to email you!
    Have a great night!


  2. My, you've been busy! lol I know I haven't read your blog in a while, but you've got so much done! I know you are feeling low, but just look at all that you've accomplished! I hope you feel happier tomorrow! :)

  3. oh" Kylie I just hate days like that..
    take care, sending you a big hug

  4. Yaaay! Someone else that doesn't like the heat! I'm right with you Kylie.. bring on winter!!

    I'm sorry this day was all about stuffing things up.. :-P

    But it happens doesn't it?



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