Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I Could Not Believe My Eyes..

Hot Cross Buns are already on sale at my local supermarket and I'm still eating left overs from Christmas lol!

I just had to tell some one, I couldn't believe my eyes lol! and yes I brought some roflol!
Hugs and Smiles,


  1. Tell me it isn't true. Though Easter Eggs do tend to appear just after New Year, much to my horror every year.
    Hope you've had a great Christmas & New Year & that 2010 is good to you.
    Fi xox

  2. Isn't it unreal!!! Crikey, I'm too busy trying to organise kids with new school books to be even thinking about hot cross buns! lol

    Your post made me laugh Kylie!! lol

    Have a super duper day!


  3. I think that's ridiculus. Hello??? School hasn't even started yet!!!

  4. I thought I saw easter eggs on a shelf yesterday too - wouldn't surprise me- hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year


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