Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bloomin' With Love

Hi Guys,
Hope your weekend was a great one!
Just a quick post to share with you a card I made today using AnnaBelle Stamps, 'Floral Stems' Stamp Set and I cased the design from THIS CARD but changed a few things to make it mine lol!

So here's my card

I stamped the flower onto Pretty In Pink card stock and cut out my flowers and arranged them in a heart shape(I tried to but it looks like more of a V shape lol)and placed some pearls in the centre of the flowers.

It was a really easy card to make, just a little hard trying to make the floral heart shape lol!

Now for something completely strange, silly, even stupid lol(non craft related ravings lol)
Do you believe in fate or do you believe the Universe is trying to tell you something? Well while blog surfing and leaving comments I had to type in the word verification and the words I had to type made the hair on the back of my neck stick up.
The three words I had to type, one after the other were...
Creepy hey roflol! Gee I hope this means nothing, I don't normally believe in things like this but after having a death in the family, seeing a funeral parade, living with a ghost and my funeral fund needs to be renewed, is someone trying to tell me something roflol I think I'm watching too many horror movies, but I think it's so bizarre lol!

Thanks so much for stopping by and putting up with my ravings lol! Enjoy the rest of your weekend(whats left of it)and have a wonderful week! Till Next Time, Take Care, Hugs and Smiles,


  1. Kylie, your card is so pretty. Love your heart.

  2. Kylie - this is just gorgeous!!! That heart is a fantastic idea!

    What creepy words to have to type I agree! I think I would have gotten a complex! lol


  3. Beautiful and super elegant Kylie!

    Those ARE creepy words. I occasionally get really weird runs of words too. Can't remember what they were now...but remember going WT? at the time! Somebody with a warped sense of humour at blogspot central?!


  4. This is just so beautiful with all those hearts. Valentine's Day is coming so soon now, it's a hot topic at the moment.

  5. This is such a cute card! I never would have thought to combine all of those flowers into a heart shape, but it works.

  6. Gorgeous!
    Wow that word verification is weird.

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  8. Wow Kylie, this is beautiful!


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