Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just A Brag...

Hi Guys,
Just me again lol.
I want to have a little brag and share with you a lovely surprise that was waiting for me when I went to my craft desk and found a few of my supplies in a wooden box that, Matthew(13)made just for me at school in his Tech Studies class studying wood work.

So here's my box

How awesome is that! I'll cherish my little box forever!
I think Matthew done a great job and I love my little box and he told me he tried to to add 'Embellishments'(his picking up my lingo lol)like ribbon and rub ons but it looked, in his words 'crappy' lol so he left it plain and I like it just the way it is, it's takes pride of place on my craft desk and Matthew has proudly informed me he's working on a bowl, so watch out for another bragging post!
Thanks for stopping by, Take Care,
~Kylie, A very proud Mum in Adelaide~


  1. He did a wonderful job Kylie. What a lovely surprise to have waiting for you, what a lucky lady you are. Thanks for coming by and saying Happy Birthday. Smiles Catherinexox

  2. that is super sweet!!! He went the extra step to put your stuff in it!! now im thinking will my son do that?? ( he is only 2) haha!! I still have a long way!! his name is mathew too!!

  3. WOW, I am jealous! Such a great treat from him!! I love those handmade gifts!

  4. What a great job he did Kylie and a perfect storage spot for your bits and bobs too!!

    Luv Karen

  5. I am sure you will treasure that little box forever! :) My son is 21 & I look back at the drawings & ceramics that he made for me & wonder where the heck did the time go? Enjoy & embrace that time with him! :) TFS Hugs, Mona

  6. What a lovely surprise to comw home to. Love how he tried to 'embellish it'. Look fwd to seeing the bowl. Mum kept a wooden bird that my brother made at school for about 20 years, in fact, she might still have it!

  7. That's sooo sweet Kylie - does he take orders - I could use one too...

  8. That's fabulous!
    Well done, Matthew!


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