Monday, June 15, 2009

New Look

Hi Guys,

Oh My, what a night I've had!
I logged onto my blog to post a card and my blog background and header were gone and it was replaced with an bandwidth error, links and scrips were broken, so I've spent half the night trying to fix my poor old blog lol!
All I need to do know is to figure how to put it back to a 3 column, I can't quite remember how I did it the first time, my brain hurts roflol!

So what do you think of my new look? I think it looks pretty good(better then my perm lol)I got this lovely background and matching header from Allie Brown's Layouts, Allie's blog layouts are stunning and soooooooo easy to install!

So that was my fun and games for the evening lol so I'll post my card tomorrow and fingers crossed for no more blog dramas!

Till then, Take Care, Hugs and Smiles,


  1. I really like the new look, pretty & more open! Sorry you had such a headache with it though.

  2. I LOVE it Kylie! The colors are so fresh and clean!


  3. Pretty flash!! lol no it is georgous,Kylie love it!!!

  4. Hi Kylie,
    Love it! You clever thing!


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