Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Hi Guys, Hope everything in your neck of the woods is going great for you! I've been busying creating lots of cards from some new stamp sets that I got last week and I was going to take a few pics to share with you my card creations but when I went to my 'crafty' desk, someone with little hands and some nice and bright, colour pencils bet me too them and drawed on 6 of my cards and glitter, glue, ribbon on the other four! Oh my what a mess. I could feel my cheeks warm and my eyes fill with tears then a little voice said 'Pretty card mummy', with a big smile on his little face! How could I get mad. I only went to the dunny and in minutes disaster struck named Connor!(That will teach me for eating spicy foods that don't agree)
The joys of motherhood, would'nt change it for the world!
So here in Adelaide, it's going to be a nice, cool weekend so I'm going to create a few more, then put them up out off reach from little fingers lol!
I hope you enjoy the rest of your week! Till next time, Take care and keep smiling, (((hugs))) Kylie XX
PS-Sorry for spelling mistakes, for some reason the spell check dose not want to work lol!


  1. hope the rest of the week goes well...

  2. ohhhh Kylie!! I am feelin' your pain!!! Jump right back on that horse matey and whip up another couple!!


  3. Oh no! I haven't been unfortunate enough to have an experience quite like that yet, but Shade did draw all over my white craft desk top with my black Sakura glaze pen. lol Not quite as bad as your situation, I know. I hope things get better! :)


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