Sunday, January 13, 2008

Paint Cans!

Hi Guys, I hope your all well and happy! Even though Christmas has came and gone I thought I'll share one of my homemade gifts(I know I'm a bit late lol)I altered brand new paint cans that I got a good deal on as my hubby(Peter)works in the car industry, so I guess you can say 'It's not what you know but who you know' lol! I did 21 cans and used Christmas patterned paper, ribbons, flowers in Chrissy colours, buttons and what ever I had in my stash. I filled the cans with wrapped lollies and chocolates. The hardest part was filling the cans and not using my self control by sneaking a chocolate or two or three, you got me five lol
So they were a hit with my family and friends. The cans were 2litres so filling 21 cans cost a small fortune in lollies and chocolates lol!
Thanks for stopping by. Sorry pic isn't the best. Till next time, Take Care and Keep Smiling (((hugs))) Kylie XX

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  1. Oh wow Kylie!! I can imagine how much of a hit these were!! They look fabulous!!



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