Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I'm A Bad, Bad Girl...

For not posting my Blog Candy on Tuesday like I said I was going to, me bad lol!

I promise I'll have it up and running by the weekend, if I'm not abducted by Aliens roflol!

I'm off to The Craft and Quilt Fair that is on here in Adelaide through to 8th November on Thursday with friends and might get a few extra special things to put in the blog candy. I love spending hubby's hard earned money lol!

Catch you all soon with a few more exciting things to share!

Till Then, Take Care, Hugs and Smiles


  1. Hi Kylie, Thanks for the congratulations. I will not be attending the Craft Fair this weekend so I will not be able to catch up with you as I will be packing to go to Queensland on Monday. Will you be demonstrating your fantastic Stampin' Up talents.

  2. Have lots of fun Kylie, I went a couple of weeks ago over here in Brisbane, lots of pretty things to buy and see.:)

  3. Hi Kylie! Have heaps of fun and buy lots of new and exciting goodies! lol


  4. So pretty. Love those Chili Sprinkles and your wonderful bow.


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