Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just Had To Share

Hi Guys,
I just had to share this video that I came across on YouTube!
All I can say is "WOW"
Enjoy lol,
Take Care, Hugs and Smiles


  1. OMG I would LOVE a craft room like this!! I'm so jealous....

  2. Holllllllllllllllly Cow!!!

    If I was sitting in there, I wouldnt know where to start! lol

    ohhh and imagine having to dust those shelves........just wouldnt happen would it! lol

    Thanks for sharing that Kylie!


  3. Wow! That is much money would have she spent! and so organised. But with all those choices you would not use the stamps very often and you would forget what you have...but still I would love to try!

  4. Like Karen said, I wouldn't like to keep the dust out of the shelves. Certainly is an awesome amount of stash.

  5. Wow... it look like a mini stamping store!!! Just a little too neat too! LOL

  6. Greeeeeen with envy!!! That is so fabulous. I'd never come out.

  7. WOW - is that a craft room or what? It's the stuff dreams are made of. I thought my stash was bad enough but it's nowhere near this one. I think I'll show my 'other half' this video clip and tell him to stop complaining about my stamping supplies! LOL


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