Sunday, February 10, 2008

Blog Award!

Hi, I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Mine has been quite fun and full of 'crafty' projects. I received this award from my friend and upline Karen(luv to stamp) this really made my day!!!!! Thank you so much Karen, but I don't think my little blog is so great just full of random ramblings lol but I'll display it proudly lol! I don't know if I need to past it on, so if I do let me know.
Thank you Karen for having faith in me! (((hugs))) Kylie XX
PS-I have to pass on the award to 10 bloggers, as I only stalk afew I'm going to pass it on to three people...

Krafty Kylie-Kylie from the U.K.
Ginger's Crafts-Ginger

Till next time take care and keep smiling (((hugs))) Kylie XX


  1. Hi Kylie - Of course I have faith in you!!!!
    If you can pass it onto 10 people that will be fantastic or if 10 is pushing it - just do however many you can! I was glad to make your day - I love coming to your blog and I know others do too!!


  2. Thank you Kylie. That was really nice of you.
    Happy Crafting,


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