Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My New Toys lol!

G'DAY, I hope your well and everything in your part of the world is treating you 'Great'! I love making my own little note books, birthday books, diaries etc and always stuff up when I have to punch the holes lol! There's this gadget on the market called a Bind-It-All from Zutter and it punches the holes nice and neatly and closes the owires for you(all you have to do it pop it in and pull the lever)and presto you've made a notebook! Well I just had to have one lol and I knew that my 'crafty' budget wouldn't allow it. I went Friday late night shopping in the City(Haven't been in the City for years) and went to Lincraft(Craft department store) and they had the Bind-It-All and The Dreamkuts reduced and an extra 20 percent off 'You little beauty' lol so I brought myself an early Birthday combined Christmas present and I'm loving it. I had a few practice runs, it's so easy and the Dreamkuts cuts your paper equally into 100s of different combinations, all you do is feed your paper from the top and turn the handle no electricity no batteries, it has self sharpening blades and perfect cut to size paper. The only down fall is the the Dreankuts doesn't cut chipboard, so you guessed it everybody will be getting some sort of notebook with their Chrissy present lol! Thanks for dropping by, wishing you all the a beautiful day! Take care ~Smiles~ Kylie XX


  1. I sooooooo want one of those !!

  2. Do you know how many times I have looked at these and thought I really must get one! lol
    I am soooooooo green with envy Kylie and just LOVE what your doing with it!!
    I just love tools that make crafting so much easier!!


  3. Hi Kylie! It's Maria from Live Video!

    At last I'm at your blog!

    The address on your LV account is missing the letter 's'.. you have it written as 'thing' instead of 'things'.. it was easy to guess it would be 'things' anyway!

    It's great that you blog about your cards. I've probably told you but I used to be right into card making.. stamping/embossing etc.. I really enjoyed it..but yeah it cost money!

    I'm glad you have written about these new fandangle machines that make notebooks..that's really interesting! Where did you buy the thick covers for the notebooks? In Lincraft too? You're very clever!

    I've bookmarked your blog so I'll be a regular visitor.

    Love your work :-)



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