Saturday, October 20, 2007

Christmas Decorations!

I've been making some quick and easy Christmas decorations for my son's Matthew's school end of year fete. They are very simple to make, I just used pegs(large wooden ones) and removed the springs, glued them together and used a bit of ribbon and pom poms for their cute noses, googly eyes and a few bells.
I was thinking of painting the next lot of pegs, brown(great job for Matthew lol)
Father Christmas pin was made using foam, googly eyes and pom poms. As I was cleaning up I throw away my pattern so I'm scratching my head and trying to copy father Christmas's face and beard with out success lol but I'll keep trying! These have been so much fun to make, even Matthew helped!
I'm also in the middle of making CD calendars. I'm having fun doing these, but I'm a messy crafter paper, glue, glitter everywhere even on the cat lol!
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  1. oh' I love them, you are so creative...

  2. what a great idea! love the peg decorations!

  3. OMG how cute are these!! Bet they are great sellers at the fete!!
    I love this time of year with everyone making such cute things!!
    Have a great weekend Kylie!



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